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Billy Horschel and the power of happiness one shot at a time

Billy Horschel and the power of Happiness (One Shot at a time…)


The winner of this year’s BMW FedEx stop in Cherry Hills, Billy Horschel, ought to be the new spokesperson for the power of happiness. Look at the winner’s smile:

Quite a contrast from a week earlier when he muffed a 6-iron 100 yds short and in to the hazard at the Deutsche Bank in Boston. Or is it?

Billy Horschel

Anyone who saw that shot from the211 yds on the 18th also noted his reaction. It was not the smile of satisfaction as in the picture above. It was a smile to the golf gods, perhaps an acknowledgement that he was getting too far ahead of himself.

He said: “it was the worst shot I hit all week”. Stating the obvious for sure yet? In his mind he had successfully navigated 270 other shots. He was not going to let one shot define him. He did not pout. He did not complain. He took ownership of the outcome. And did what the Head Coach Steve Spurrier says he does after a setback: “Just keep playing”.

Horschel suited up the next week in Denver and won. The power of a happy warrior is an ability to be resilient, to rebound. To see the overwhelming good and not the glaring bad. To own the full circumstance and not simply a moment. Not all of us have such resiliency. Yet all of us can enjoy the feeling of happiness…one shot at a time™!

“Just Keep Playing”!


PS Billy Horschel kept on smiling and playing and walked away with the FedEx Cup and… $11.44 million dollars! A great attitude is a big asset!

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