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R U Sensei-tized?

Post 1

Dusk. Isabel has decided to go inside after playing on the swing set.

I am missing the annual JamesFest (JFest) gathering normally held this weekend.  This promoted me to send this text to my JFest buddies:

“JFest withdrawal – dusk, cigar, 80 degrees, slight breeze, can’t hate, but need a new date.”

Roger, one of the original 3, sent this:
“From what I have been seeing the last couple of weeks, it looks like you are living James fest!!”

My response:
“Physically, this is true, but without my bros? Feeling a smidge blue.”

For Certain, we will find a new date.  Happy birthday JB!  …don’t believe August is the best time going forward so we will have to celebrate in a different way.

Sweetwater IPA in hand is not the best match for the Oliva Series V Torpedo, but it’s what I have.  The Oliva is quite nice.  Cocoa and Chocolate in a robust cigar.  Rates very high (see Cigar Aficionado for another opinion) despite the fact that I have moved on to a less robust cigar normally.  The burn is not quite right, but it’s not plugged so I manage.

I suspect I will be doing this more often here in Ponte Vedra.  Certainly, the weather will allow for more opportunities!

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