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R U Sensei-tized?

Post 2

Dusk again, Isabel in the pool, Burning Spear on original, first generation scroll wheel iPod powered by Bose docking station, cold Presidente Light in my hand.

Sounds like a Sint Maarten vacation scene, does it not?

Not – but Ponte Vedra FEELS and SOUNDS like it!

Probably would not be smoking a Davidoff in Sint Maarten, but it burns perfectly.  Milder that the Oliva I had the other night.

As Slavery Days fades and Give Me comes on, the cedar and toast from the cigar remind me of why I moved to a less robust cigar.  It is a fine evening in a fine new life.

I have been told it’s hot in Florida, as if that would somehow ruin the whole concept of moving here for the weather.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Oh it’s hotter, but I did some checking.  Summer months have highs that are about 5-6 degrees hotter.

It rains a lot was something else I heard.  And it is true….between 2-3pm on many days it pours.  Then it stops and the sun comes out.  Not like those dreary day and a half rains up North in NYC and New Jersey.

And did I mention Winter?  The lows are 28 degrees warmer here.

As a result, as Summer starts to wind down, I do not face the usual Winter dread that comes with Football Season.  Instead?  I look forward to a bit of a cool down and shorter days.

I can live with that.

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