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R U Sensei-tized?

GS13 Approach

See the game of golf differently and the game of golf becomes more enjoyable. By integrating historic measures of success leveraged from the academic world and then modified for the sport of golf; the result will motivate new and early stage golfers by leveling the experience regardless of skill level and score. If the game of golf is to grow vs. its current slow decline – a key variable to assure happiness is developing a feeling of success at every level. My approach does this.


To grow the game? The gaps shown must narrow. To narrow the gaps? Not necessarily making the game easier. Golf is difficult. Golf has numerous variables. The gap closes when a novice or seasoned player believes that they have done the best that they can given their current skill level. Why deny that the game is difficult. Accept and then celebrate it!

Golf is a difficult game

  • Multiple variables
  • Rules
  • Played in a variety of conditions
  • With multiple instruments

Golf is a game of confidence

  • The more the better
  • At every step of the learning process

Golf instruction for a golfer is enhanced when confidence is maximized

  • Success is not solely measured by the shot or the scorecard
  • Drawing parallels to other learning experiences may boost confidence
  • The scorecard as it is today does not promote confidence
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