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R U Sensei-tized?


“Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.” – Satchel Paige

Welcome to my website! I hope you will find the information to be interesting, stimulating and entertaining. My goal for you is for you to enjoy a feeling of happiness each time you finish a round of golf. Too many people come off the course feeling disappointed, frustrated or at time regretful for having played golf. We pay for the opportunity to walk in a manicured garden with our friends or if we choose a stroll alone. This opportunity is a challenge to our skill as a golfer regardless of level. It’s an opportunity to get away from the day to day pattern of life and enjoy sunshine and fresh air. Our time is valuable – why walk away with anything less than a deeply felt sense of happiness? It’s a beautiful game played in a beautiful space!

Many articles have recently been written about the decline of golf in the United States. Polls are being conducted as to the reasons why. Too much time? Too expensive? Too difficult? All of the above? Great alternatives such as moving to forward tees, relaxing some of the rules, playing 12 holes vs. 18 and expanding the hole are among suggestions provided to help end the decline of participation in the sport. You’ve seen the stats. More golf courses are closing vs. opening. Fewer and fewer young folk are participating in golf for a variety of reasons. I believe the decline has to do with a missing piece to the game for the average causal golfer. Golf is difficult. There are many variables. It does take time to play the game. Even more time to become good at the game. Golf mirrors life. Life is difficult. There are many variables. It takes experience to get good at living the life you want to lead. And whether it is with golf or life the key ingredient to establishing a pattern of success is confidence. In life we build confidence one step at a time and reinforce it with familiar terms. In golf we introduce new rules, a stationary ball, and a scoring system with novel names, like par, bogey, birdie – it’s an entire new language to learn. Technology has never been better in the game. Access to play and practice facilities is at an all-time high. The missing piece? Building confidence and seeing progress using familiar methods of learning achievement.

At heart is the way we measure progress and build confidence. The scorecard isn’t meant for many of us. It’s a poor barometer of success in this game or as a catalyst our entertainment. The scorecard identifies the highest standard of achievement and most of us routinely fall short of that standard. This causes feelings of resignation, defeat and at best stymies confidence. I have disrupted the golf scoring system with the Golfers Playing Average™ system or GPA™. The disruption also harmonizes golf with standard learning technologies familiar to anyone who has been a student in school. The system is designed to level the field, provide renewed focus in every shot and simultaneously boost confidence with every stroke of the ball.

Each month we will refresh some of the content found here on the site. All the features will have something to do with golf and the golfing life. The core of the information will stay static so that you might always have access to the knowledge. Feel free to write me about what you think and how you experience GPA™ and improve your game through TQ™. As your golf sensei I want to learn from you and I look forward to hearing how you are enjoying “Happiness – One Shot at a Time….”™

Be Sensei-ational!


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