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R U Sensei-tized?

Meet GolfSensei13

JB golf glass shotWelcome! I am John Bahouth Jr., also GolfSensei13, a Master Teaching Professional certified by the USGTF, the world’s largest golf instruction training association. I am also a certified Putting Instructor, through Frank Thomas’ Frankly Academies. My approach to the game of golf is biased to the mental component of the game vs. swing instruction. I believe that great golf shots begin in the mind and are executed by the body. As we focus on the mental aspect of the game we begin to see the game differently and with that perspective enjoying the feeling of: “Happiness – One Shot at a Time…”™

I continue to work at the executive leadership level in Human Resources and Information Technology for global companies ranging from start-up to Fortune 20. My work in diversity management won the USA Department of Labor’s highest award for excellence in 2000. I have earned a BA from Syracuse University, a MBA from the University of New Haven, and am a graduate of The Executive Program from the Darden School of Business, University of Virginia. I have served as a State of Connecticut Justice of the Peace.  I have played golf for the last eighteen years and have held a USGA Handicap index as low as 6.1 and as high as the… well, the sky! I currently work in Connecticut with residences in Virginia and South Carolina.


The target for a golfer striving to break 80 is to take no more than 13 strokes for three consecutive holes:

  • Less than 13 strokes for three holes? Score in the 70’s.
  • Studies suggest that 50 minutes is optimal time for concentration. By breaking up the game into 3 hole games, or 45 minute focus, the attention capacity is leveraged.


  • A teacher or mentor who is constantly learning him/herself
  • My approach wishes to focus upon mental strategies inspired by Zen training and philosophy to help create the best opportunity for golfing happiness.
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