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The Lebanese Breeze

Typically I will enjoy scotch neat. Occasionally I might like to dabble in a cocktail creation. Below you will find a refreshing summer cocktail, perfumed by mint and very thirst quenching. Be careful! They go down awfully easy!

The Lebanese Breeze

Martini glass – chilled
4 – 6 Mint leaves
2 oz of light scotch – Cutty Sark works great
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
1/2 oz sugar syrup
1/2 oz water
dash of mint bitters
1 mint leaf chopped for garnish

20 minutes ahead of time take the mint leaves and muddle them up. Add the scotch to the leaves and set aside.
Meanwhile, chill martini glass and chop mint leaf for garnish. When scotch has been infused (20 minutes later) pour the scotch minus the mint leaves into a shaker. Add crushed ice to the shaker. Add remaining ingredients. Shake vigorously. Pour into chilled martini glass. Add mint garnish.
Sip the breeze responsibly!

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