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R U Sensei-tized?

Offers and Services

  • GPA™ thesis – full version (FREE)
  • GPA™ thesis – PowerPoint Presentation (FREE)
  • GolfSensei13 – On Demand Putting Instruction
Score13!™ – Play 6 three hole rounds – deep dive instructions (FREE)
Score13!™ offers a unique way for the developing golfer to break 80. Here’s how it works. If you are playing 18 holes take your scorecard and place a dark line after every three holes. Play your round. As you move from hole 3 to hole 4 add up the scores from your first three holes. Your target is to play every three holes in 13. Continue to progress your round and see how each of the six (6) segments is proceeding. At the end of the round? If you have shot 13 for each of the segments? You’ll have shot a 78!


  • Guest Speaker – weaving insights from golf and lessons of life
  • Private Lessons: physical or virtual
  • Diversity Thought Leader
  • One on One Life Coaching
  • The Break Point of a Green Pearl – e-novella (Coming Soon!)
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