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John Bahouth Jr., GolfSensei13, Master Teaching Professional certified by the USGTF and Certified Putting Instructor by Frank Thomas’s Frankly Golf
(804) 543-8866
Located in Connecticut River Valley and Shoreline areas

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    • To create a disruption in the way golf is scored. Moving away from the locked down scorecard designed for a pro and opening up the game to the rest of us who are not professional.

      The designer of courses designs for a scratch golfer or professional. Of the 23 million in the USA who golf how many of them qualify to that level? .001. The rest of us? Take the scorecard, mark our score and sigh, realizing that the card tells us immediately if we have passed or failed to the highest standard. And the vast majority of us fail – using the scorecard as a reference. When in reality we are not failing – we are doing something great!

  1. Hey Sensei, all of a sudden I have developed a wicked snap / duck hook off the tee resulting in “booming” drives under 200 yards and well right of the intended target. Keep in mind this only occurs on the course. On the driving range the ball goes where it is intended.

    • Take two aspirins and call me in the morning! Kidding aside it sounds like a very complicated unbundling and I might need to see you in action. Hopefully soon.

  2. Hey Sensei! Your website looks great! I thought I would be completely lost (my golfing experience being somewhat limited) but the GPW and TQ concepts are easy to follow and seem quite innovative to me.

    Maybe Sarah’s question points out one potential area of improvement – to hit the visitor to your site over the head with the purpose and goal of Sensei 13. That can’t be made clear enough. Btw, the name itself is clever – I understood the sensei reference but wondered about the ’13’ and went straight to the ‘About’ tab to find out.

    Love the quotes – entertaining and poignant by turn. One other thought – I’m personally in favor of a lot of content, but in this age of short attention spans, consider a top-line takeaway or summary for each page.

    Good luck! I look forward to hearing how it evolves.


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