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R U Sensei-tized?

GPA™ disrupts a course’s scorecard and opens up avenues to build up a golfer’s confidence.

A discussion with GolfSensei 13, John Bahouth, Jr.


Q: What is the purpose of your website?

A: To create a disruption in the way golf is scored. Moving away from the locked down scorecard designed for a pro and opening up the game to the rest of us who are not professional.

The designer of courses designs for a scratch golfer or professional. Of the 23 million in the USA who golf how many of them qualify to that level? .001. The rest of us? Take the scorecard, mark our score and sigh, realizing that the card tells us immediately if we have passed or failed to the highest standard. And the vast majority of us fail – using the scorecard as a reference. When in reality we are not failing – we are doing something great!

Q: Isn’t that what a handicap is for?

A: Please. Just say the word handicap. Who wants to be handicapped? And besides? The way it works, high handicappers feel like they are light years away from good golfers. Hi numbers equate to distance away from playing the game the way a professional plays it.

Q: This is really interesting so….

A: GPA™ recognizes the rest of us. It helps us move from the scorecard to reality. It helps us to be happy in our endeavor. Why do people quit golf? It’s hard. Hard as defined by the scorecard. GPA™ liberates us from the card and allows us to enjoy the beauty of the course. The exercise of the game. The subtle learning’s of play. As it was intended.

Why pay $500 for a driver, another $1000 for a set of clubs, and then $120 to play only to walk off feeling like a failure…. Instead you can feel a healthy return on your investment. Change your mind and improve your game. Ditch the scorecard and experience the GPA™ way to score!

Golf’s a great game. A great counterbalance to the daily grind. Isn’t time you really enjoyed yourself?

Go the GPA™ way!

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